Sunday, April 21, 2013

Actual Play: Stonehell

As is typical on a Sunday, some thoughts from last night's Stonehell game.

1. I called for more saving throws in last night's session than I have in quite a while. The party thief was on the receiving end of far too many of them. He somehow managed to fail on all the nonlethal things (nonlethal poison, save or laugh uncontrollably for d6 turns) and nailed the save the one time it would've actually ended him.

2. Still love Stonehell kobolds, who I've been running as a cross of my own description of kobolds with Stonehell's janitorial staff kobolds. They don't actually have any interest in fighting and have become more concerned with extorting the PCs, who they consider unforgivably messy.

3. My players picked up on Stonehell's "Wheel of Fortune" to the point where they talked about "Vanna Whiting" when giving it a spin.

4. The difference between Labyrinth Lord's giant centipedes and Swords & Wizardry's giant centipedes is significant (1/2 HD and nonlethal poison versus 3 HD and lethal poison), and I couldn't understand why Michael had put them in the first level until I double-checked their entry in LL.

5. The party has been very smart about not engaging kobolds or giant rats in combat. This has meant that since the orc fight in the first session (where the orcs got surprise and rang a gong for reinforcements) they have outnumbered their opponents in just about every fight, which explains why nobody's been dying.

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