Friday, November 8, 2013

Dungeon Crawl #4 Art Preview & Remaining Needs

I thought I'd share a piece of art by Dungeon Crawl regular DL Johnson of Iron Image Industries:

This is from the adventure "The Sword, The Scarf and The Horn: The Tale of Varonus of Galvenais" by Nathaniel Hutchins that will be appearing in Dungeon Crawl #4.

Also appearing in the issue will be "Trouble in Trollwood," a Norse-themed wilderness adventure by Alan Brodie, and "The Green Chapel," a short Arthurian dungeon by yours truly. All of this is following the medieval mythology theme of the issue. Nathaniel and Alan have put together top-flight adventures that I'm proud to be putting forward.

However - the magazine doesn't have any non-adventure pieces yet. I'll write up an installment of "What Trap Charts?" but I don't want this issue to be covered with my byline. If you have monsters, magic items, spells, classes, NPCs, charts, tables, articles or short fiction that will fit with the theme (chivalric romance, Norse sagas, folk heroes, Arabian Nights) - please send them on to my gmail account, wrossi81.

Additionally, if you're interested in doing art for the issue please let me know and I'll get you the requirements once I have them.