Friday, May 10, 2013

OD&D Setting Posts in PDF

I've made a single PDF file out of all the posts from my Original D&D setting series. It's available as a publicly accessible Google document here:

OD&D Setting

Kudos to James Mishler for the excellent map that is on the first page.

I'd really like to hear stories from referees who use any of these ideas in their games, and how it goes - should be a fair sight different from "vanilla" Dungeons & Dragons! Thanks to all the people who've had kind words as this series went on, it was a lot of fun.


  1. Thanks for putting this together!

  2. Thanks for compiling this for the rest of us.

  3. Stupid question. The tall symbols are supposed to be castles and the smaller blobs are supposed to be towns or cities? Is that right? How are towns/cities defined in terms of population if at all.


  4. Folks who like the OD&D Setting should check out the excellent list of backgrounds that Zach over at the Zenopus Archives blog put together for it.

  5. [brace for heresy] The implied setting, so much of it empty of civilized habitation, reminds me more than a bit of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

  6. What a head trip. It explains some of the later Monster Manual entry ratios like why so many dinosaurs? I searched Google for, "The map from Avalon Hill's Outdoor Survival" and it gave me a Google Maps choice. When Maps couldn't find it, it asked if I would like to submit the map. I thought about downloading Bat's PDF and then planting it in Antarctica. Imagine if others joined in and we mapped out the Lost World!


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