Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ready Reference: Curiosities in a Bandit Lair

Curiosities Found in a Bandit Lair (1d20)

  1. A deck of playing cards with a second ace of spades.
  2. A pair of dice, one weighted to the 6, one weighted to the 1.
  3. A neatly folded piece of parchment with a picture of a naked woman.
  4. A good wool coat.
  5. A bottle of local rotgut whiskey, half-full.
  6. A talley stick that, in the right village, can be exchanged for a goat.
  7. A small stone that, on close inspection, contains a trilobyte fossil.
  8. A small glass bottle of a musky cologne.
  9. A small bag with dried mushrooms of mild psychedelic effect.
  10. A sewing kit with bone needles and thread.
  11. A collection of painted flat discs used for playing a board game.
  12. A small manual on sword fighting (stances, strikes).
  13. An intricate wood carving less than 6” long.
  14. A pipe and attendant smokeable stuff (usually tobacco or marijuana)
  15. A hard piece of cheese wrapped in cheesecloth.
  16. A wooden flute or recorder.
  17. A double sided wooden comb.
  18. A pet weasel that will be loyal to a master who feeds it meat.
  19. A spinning top.
  20. A seditious political tract.