Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dungeon Crawl #3 Contents

Art by Tim Callahan:

Dungeon Crawl #3 is about to be released! Here's what the issue will feature.

- Editorial by Wayne Rossi

- The Dungeons of Xenopus, Level 2 by Wayne Rossi.
This old-school dungeon is a follow-up to the famous sample dungeon presented in the 1977 Basic Rulebook edited by J. Eric Holmes. Featuring cartography by Dyson Logos!

- The Iscaldean Badlands by D.L. Johnson
A desert sandbox in a region corrupted by magical experimentation.

- What Trap Charts? : It's a Gas! by Wayne Rossi
Charts to liven up your gas-based traps.

- Ready Reference: Populating the Empty Room by Wayne Rossi
Charts to give variety and color to your empty dungeon chambers.

- New Magic Items by Wayne Rossi
Featuring the Bear Coat, Hand of Glory and Diviner's Sage.

- Lesser Magic Items by Zach Howard
Twenty new Holmes-inspired magic items for your low-level campaigns.

- A Knight in His Castle by Wayne Rossi
Presenting an old-school encounter with a knight and his retinue.

- Thinking Like a Fantasy Character by Dave Przybyla
An article for players based on observations from Byzantine history.

- New Monsters by Wayne Rossi
Two types of beastmen and a crocodilian horror to people your dungeons and hexcrawls.

- Blood Witch by Joshua de Santo
A new class for Swords & Wizardry or any old-school fantasy RPG.


  1. Man, Wayne, you need some more contributors. =P

    1. I take that as meaning you're volunteering? ;-)

    2. Seriously though, I only wrote about half of the issue - which is a lot better than in either previous issue.

  2. It's been added to my RPGNow wish list, waiting till I get my pocket money next for being a good boy.


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