Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stonehell Again

Finally got to run another game in Stonehell last night. Assorted thoughts follow.
  1. The party druid has developed pyromaniac tendencies. This has proven useful so far, but may backfire at some point in the future. (Rimshot.)
  2. I used one of the glops (ultramarine) from Geoffrey McKinney's Dungeon of the Unknown in what I feel was an effectively weird encounter. The PCs were intelligently cautious about it and wound up killing it with fire (see point 1 above).
  3. Stonehell's layout sometimes makes it hard to find that there's a monster or NPC listed in a particular room. I almost missed some brigands who were hiding in one of the caves, even though I went through my print copy and highlighted every NPC, monster and treasure in the listings. Fortunately they were hiding so that was at least kind of appropriate.
  4. I really need a couple pages of quick-reference charts, including NPC names, motivations, pocket change and things to liven up otherwise empty rooms. Thing is, I'd like a fresh one for each game. Maybe I'll start making them and posting them up after each session.

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