Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dungeon Crawl #2 - Pay What You Want

The OneBookShelf services (including RPGNow / DriveThruRPG) now have a "Pay What You Want" option for their download-only products. Which is a very cool new way to be going things, and I like it. People should be able to get gaming material, particularly older book PDFs, for as much or as little as they value it. So as of today, Dungeon Crawl #2 is available as a pay what you want product on any OneBookShelf site!

Dungeon Crawl - #2 Pay What You Want

If you haven't bought Dungeon Crawl #2, think about it!

As a general policy, in the future issues of Dungeon Crawl will continue to be a fixed price for the first 2 months of their lifespan, after which they will switch to Pay What You Want.