Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dungeon Crawl Updates

So a few updates on Dungeon Crawl, because that's just fun.

First: the Pay What You Want edition of Dungeon Crawl #2 is now in the hot items section of RPGNow! It's not selling for huge amounts of money, but it really means a lot to me that folks are responding and enjoying the content from this issue. The screencap to the right was taken from the RPGNow home page while I was writing this. Thank you to all the folks who've been purchasing this and especially to the great writers and artists who worked with me.

Second: the dungeon I was working on for Dungeon Crawl #3 is getting ... a bit out of hand. Initially it was a 2-faction dungeon with two levels, but now it's a 4-faction dungeon with three levels. Too big to fit into the magazine, at any rate, and I think it's going to define all of its own original creatures between giant animals, demonic rats, goat-headed men and a certain coleopterous species. So I will have to be spinning this off into its own release, and I'm still weighing options on how I want to publish it. If any publishers out there want a 32-page module designed for 3rd level PCs with demonic and Lovecraftian overtones, I'm working on one.

That leaves me without the biggest entry for the issue.

Third: I've decided what I want to do for a dungeon in issue #3. This goes along with the general Holmesian theme I've been going with lately. What I'm thinking now is to create a follow-up, in a fairly similar style of map and overall tone, to the Sample Dungeon on pages 40-44 of the Holmes rulebook. It's a good, open, exploratory dungeon with some interesting NPCs and unique encounters, and I think following it up with a slightly bigger level would be a great 1st/2nd level module.

I'm thinking that the second level of the sample dungeon (I'll probably call it "Beneath Port Town" so as not to use Portown as a name) should use some of the material that shows up in the Holmes text without being explicitly detailed, detailing them and providing them for the adventure. Also some tributes to the original (I'm thinking some remnant of a giant crab, etc) to tie it together more strongly.

So that's roughly where things are at. I'll keep updates on the blog on the progress of Beneath Port Town and the other dungeon as I have them. Also, please don't forget that submissions are still open through June 30 for Dungeon Crawl #3 material! Email me at wrossi81 at gmail dot com with your ideas.

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