Friday, March 22, 2013

Dungeon Crawl #2 Contents

This is the list of contents as they currently stand:

Caverns of Temeluc, Adventure by Wayne Rossi for low-level characters
What Trap Charts? - Setting an Ambush by Wayne Rossi
The Steel Wheel: an OSR Item by David Przybyla
Ready Reference: Random Crypt Contents by Wayne Rossi
Ready Reference: Save vs. Death Ray! by Wayne Rossi
Daily OSR: Charts by Ivan Sorensen
Dark Age Dungeons: Gaming in Late Antiquity by Wayne Rossi
Obscure Gods by Wayne Rossi
Creature Feature: New Monsters by Wayne Rossi

Featuring original art by:

John Blaszczyk

Jason Sholtis

I do need one more page of content. If you have a one-page dungeon ready to go (not already published in print) and would like it in the zine, email me at wrossi81 at gmail dot com by Saturday.

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