Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Features, Articles and the Blog

So I figured I'd go through and clarify what I'm going to be doing for the forseeable future on this blog, so hopefully it won't just seem a random jumble.

First: When I play D&D or a reasonable substitute, usually on Saturdays, I'll continue to post an Actual Play the next morning. I'll be setting up a game in the not distant future.

Second: I want to regularize the features. Cryptid Wednesday will be on Wednesdays, for obvious reasons. Ready Reference will be appearing on Mondays and Fridays. That will give the blog reliable, regular content. I'm going to try and keep a thing or two in the pipeline so I'm not crunching to get an article out.

Third: Dungeon Crawl. Remember Dungeon Crawl? Yeah. I'm going to do what I can - probably either late this month or next month - to get the fourth issue out. The problem is, I have other things I want to do in terms of gaming writing and I can't do those and do Dungeon Crawl. So the fourth issue is going to be the last for a while. I won't rule out another at some point, but it just doesn't fit my schedule for now.

Fourth: More writing. It's been really amazing to see the impact my OD&D setting articles had. Out of several hundred posts on this blog, those have been consistently the most successful and widespread. I can't force that kind of thing, and I just haven't had the itch to do a sustained series on any particular topic over the last few months. Hopefully I'll have something fairly soon, though.

Fifth: Guest spots. Specifically, I'm open to having people do guest entries on either Ready Reference or Cryptid Wednesday. If you have a monster or table and want to share it, let me know (my gmail account is wrossi81) and I'll put it up with credit to you.

That's what I see as the future for this blog. Hopefully I'll be able to stick to it, and you'll find it interesting. And please check out the Cryptid Wednesday tag. These monsters don't get as many hits as just about anything else I post, and they deserve to be out there killing PCs.

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