OSR Products on Lulu

This is just a list for reference of RPG products I've bought on Lulu.com, shared here for the enjoyment of others. I don't endorse any of these unconditionally, but there is some good stuff here.

Albert Rakowski, Towers of Krshal. (Recommended!)
Albert Rakowski, Underworld Kingdom Volume One: Explorers of the Unknown.
Albert Rakowski, Underworld Kingdom Volume Two - Dark Gods, Dark Magic.
Albert Rakowski, Underworld Kingdom Volume Three - Untold Monstrosities and Eldritch Artifacts.
Alphonso Warden, The Nameless City (Core/Complete Rules).
Anders Hedenbjörk Lager, Come to Daddy (Swords & Wizardry version).
Anders Hedenbjörk Lager, No Country For Weak Men (Swords & Wizardry version)
Anthony Huso, The Night Wolf Inn.
Bill Barsh, V5 Palace of the Vampire Queen: Castle Blood.
C Thorin, Outer Space Raiders Omnibus No. 1
Cedric Plante, Chromatic Soup 01.
Cedric Plante, The Wizard's Inheritance
Chris Gonnerman, Morgansfort: The Western Lands Campaign.
Corey Ryan Walden, The Black Ruins.
Courtney Campbell, Hack & Slash Compendium I
Courtney Campbell, Hack & Slash Compendium II
Courtney Campbell, Hack & Slash Compendium III
Courtney Campbell, On the Non-Player Character.
Daniel Proctor, Apes Victorious
Daniel Proctor, Realms of Crawling Chaos. (Recommended!)
Daniel Vance, Escape from the Demon Inn.
Dave Gerard, Tales from the Laughing Dragon.
Dave Mitchell, Sirenswail.
David McGrogan, The Peridot, Issue 1.
David McGrogan, Yoon-Suin. (Recommended!)
Dominique Crouzet and John Tarnowski, Dark Albion: The Rose War
Dyson Logos, Dyson's Delves I (revised).
Dyson Logos, Dyson's Delves II (revised).
Dyson Logos, Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts.
Gavin Norman, Theorems & Thaumaturgy.
Geoffrey McKinney, Barrens of Carcosa.
Geoffrey McKinney, Desolation of the Black Terror.
Geoffrey McKinney, Jungles of the K'naanothoa.
Geoffrey McKinney, The Mountains of Dream.
Geoffrey McKinney, Worm Wars of the Dwarven Ice Kings.
Geoffrey McKinney, The Yuthlugathap Swamps.
Gregory MacKenzie, Wildwood.
James Kramer, The Bone-Hilt Sword; Complete Campaign.
Jason Paul McCartan, The Graveyard at Lus.
Jason Paul McCartan, VS1: The Caves of Ortok.
Jason Paul McCartan, VS2: Bearing a Grudge.
Jason Sholtis, The Dungeon Dozen.
Jasper Polane, Three Sad Wizards.
JD Neal, Saga of the Giants.
Jeremy Reaban, HS2 The Forsaken Burial Vaults.
Jimm Johnson and Lawson Bennett, Tomb of the Sea Kings.
Joey Lindsey, Paolo Greco, Santicore 2013.
John Carlson, Automata Run Amok.
John R Davis, The Hex Hack - A Sandbox Campaign.
John R Davis, The Cruellest Mistress of All.
John R Davis, The Last Prayer of the Dying.
John Stater, Blood & Treasure Monster Tome.
Johnstone Metzger, The Metamorphica.
Johnstone Metzger, The Metamorphica Revised. (Recommended!)
Kabuki Kaiser, Mad Monks of Kwantoom
Kabuki Kaiser, Ruins of the Undercity.
Lee Reynoldson, Rædwald.
Matthew Finch, Tomb of the Iron God.
Michael Curtis, Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls.
Michael Curtis. Stonehell Dungeon: Into the Heart of Hell.
Paolo Greco, Burgs & Bailiffs.
Paolo Greco, Burgs & Bailiffs: Warfare too.
Paolo Greco, Kefitzat Haderech.
Patrick Kennedy, Shadowbrook Manor.
Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess, Deep Carbon Observatory. (Recommended!)
Patrick Wetmore, ASE1: Anomalous Subsurface Environment. (Recommended!)
Patrick Wetmore, ASE2-3: Anomalous Subsurface Environment.
Rafael Chandler, Bad Myrmidon.
Rafael Chandler, Obscene Serpent Religion.
Rafael Chandler, Teratic Tome.
Rafael Chandler et al. Narcosa.
Raul De La Garza III, Cave of the Cybersteed.
Richard LeBlanc, Basic Psionics Handbook.
Richard LeBlanc, CC1: Creature Compendium
Richard LeBlanc, d30 DM Companion.
Richard LeBlanc, d30 Sandbox Companion. (Recommended!)
Richard LeBlanc, Valley of the Five Fires.
Robert Conley, Scourge of the Demon Wolf.
Scrap Princess and Patrick Stuart, Fire on the Velvet Horizon. (Recommended!)
Simon Forster, The Book of Lairs.
Simon Forster, Mischievous Monsters.
Steve Gilman, SC2: Betrayal at Lucir.
Thomas Denmark, Beasties.
Thomas Denmark, Mechanized Men of Mars.
Tim Snider, Deviant Database.
Tim Snider, Deviant Database 2.0.
Tim Snider, One Year in the Savage AfterWorld.
Timothy Lowell, Voyage to Plague Island.

Advanced Adventures Compendium 1
Advanced Adventures Compendium 2
Advanced Adventures Compendium Three

Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded Edition

Retro-Clones and Rule Sets:
Blood & Treasure Second Edition
BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules.
Delving Deeper
Fantastic Heroes & Witchery
For Gold & Glory
Full Metal Plate Mail
Heroes & Other Worlds Adventure Game
Iron Falcon Rules for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing
Labyrinth Lord
Mutant Future
Raiders! of the Lost Artifacts
Seven Voyages of Zylarthen (Volume OneVolume TwoVolume ThreeVolume Four)
Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells
Swords & Wizardry Core Rules
Swords & Wizardry Whitebox
Warriors of the Red Planet (Updated!)
White Box
Whitehack Second Edition (Booklet Version)
White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying (Softcover)

Fight On! and NOD magazines and associated material are available at their authors' spotlights.


  1. Nice list! I am partial to Nod, as 27 features some 8f my art, and I like BLUEHOLME quite a bit. LL, Mutant Future,S&W are quite good, as are Stonhell, Dysons Delves and everyone, if you don't habe Kabuki Kaiser's Ruins and Monks, get them now!

  2. Any reason OSRIC is not listed here? I see not only links for (my favorite version) 2.2 but also the A5 updated version:



    I guess I figure if you have the other retroclones these should be there too.


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