Appendix N Madness!

All of March 2017 I will be running Appendix N Madness, a bracket style tournament determining the winner of Appendix N. There are four authors imported from Swords Against Darkness III. Each day there will be a blog post and Google+ poll posted around noon EST. The winner will go on to the next round until Round Five determines the champion.

Round One:
Day 1: Lovecraft vs St. Clair (Winner: H.P. Lovecraft)
Day 2: Bellairs vs Pratt (Winner: John Bellairs)
Day 3: Norton vs Lanier (Winner: Andre Norton)
Day 4: Zelazny vs Fox (Winner: Roger Zelazny)
Day 5: Burroughs vs Farmer (Winner: Edgar Rice Burroughs)
Day 6: Leiber vs Offutt (Winner: Fritz Leiber)
Day 7: Anderson vs Saberhagen (Winner: Poul Anderson)
Day 8: de Camp vs Lee (Winner: L. Sprague de Camp)
Day 9: Merritt vs Wellman (Winner: Manly Wade Wellman)
Day 10: Howard vs Smith (Winner: Howard)
Day 11: Brackett vs Williamson (Winner: Brackett)
Day 12: Vance vs Carter (Winner: Vance)
Day 13: Dunsany vs Campbell (Winner: Dunsany)
Day 14: Tolkien vs Tierney (Winner: Tolkien)
Day 15: Weinbaum vs Brown (Winner: Brown)
Day 16: Moorcock vs Derleth (Winner: Moorcock)

Round Two:
Day 17: Lovecraft vs Wellman (Winner: Lovecraft)
Day 18: Bellairs vs Howard (Winner: Howard)
Day 19: Norton vs Brackett (Winner: Brackett)
Day 20: Zelazny vs Vance (Winner: Vance)
Day 21: Burroughs vs Dunsany (Winner: Burroughs)
Day 22: Leiber vs Tolkien (Winner: Tolkien)
Day 23: Anderson vs Brown (Winner: Anderson)
Day 24: de Camp vs Moorcock

Round Three:
Day 25: Lovecraft vs Burroughs (Winner: Lovecraft)
Day 26: Howard vs Tolkien (Winner: Howard)
Day 27: Brackett vs Anderson (Winner: Anderson)
Day 28: Vance vs Moorcock (Winner: Vance)

Semifinal Round
Day 29: Lovecraft vs Howard (Winner: Howard)
Day 30: Anderson vs Vance (Winner: Vance)

Final Round
Day 31: Howard vs Vance


  1. Where is the winner of "Anderson vs Saberhagen" in the round 2?

    1. Thanks for clarifying that, I'd accidentally put de Camp on day 23 but he will be against the winner of Moorcock / Derleth on Day 24. Poul Anderson will be on day 23 against the winner of Weinbaum / Brown.


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