Monday, January 12, 2009

D&D and Miscellanies

The previous post, Save vs. Death Ray, is from a longer document I've been working on, on and off, for a while. My initial intent was to fill up enough content to put out a 8.5 x 5.5 supplement perfect bound from, but it turns out that requires something ridiculous like 84 pages, which is honestly more rules and details than I want to put into the thing. So I've considered doing it 6 x 9, which would let me put out a smaller saddle stitched book. I may eventually compile the material I put out here, and on the OD&D forum and other places, into such a book. But for now I'm going to be putting some of the stuff out bit by bit.

You see, for me the perfect book has little of classes and races and spells as such. And, while I do occasionally like a module for inspiration (either in mapping or room descriptions), to be honest I'm not going to be running so many of them. I would gleefully use a hundred thousand stacks of monster books, though. But what I'm really interested in is a miscellany.

It's one of the reasons I never run without my Ready Ref Sheets - it's just a great little resource where I can pull out, ominously roll a couple of dice, and have dungeon dressing or something of the sort. So a lot of the stuff I've been working on is in the vein of "here are a bunch of things that might be interesting if you dropped them in your game." I have a listing of reputed properties of gemstones (only applies to flawless stones, which are about 5% of specimens), advantages and drawbacks for magical weapons, properties of herbs, types of lizardmen and so forth. Everything's simple, adhering to a straightforward philosophy of - "maybe it does something, but it's minor." A couple of examples:

From Gemstones: Topaz: A true topaz will lose its gold color when brought within 5’ of poison. When removed from the proximity of poison it will regain its color.

From Herbs: Eyebright: A poultice of this flower must be laid over a character’s eyes for 1 full turn. When it is removed, he can see the blurry outlines of invisible creatures or objects for the next turn. The poultice cannot be used twice.

So the questions I'm interested in finding the answers to:

1. Would you be interested in a 32-page miscellany of the type described above?
2. If so, what additional items would you be interested to see in it?


  1. 1. Yes!
    2. Herbs, Gems, and Death Rays is a great start. I'd also like some monsters that were fantastical versions of ordinary animals, possibly with uses for body parts. The alchemical properties of the tongue of an Ashen Toad, for instance. Also, a random trap chart. Just 20 or hundred brief entries for when you need a trap real quick.

  2. Being a huge fan of the roguelike Ancient Domains of Mystery that sounds pretty cool. Herbalism and Mining is one of my favorite part of that game. Miscellany is always fun


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