Monday, May 18, 2015

Petty Gods - Across the Finish Line

The project to revise and expand Petty Gods – a spiritual sequel to the Judges Guild classic Unknown Gods – is finally complete. This is a hefty tome, almost 400 pages, of deities created by many authors throughout old school gaming (yours truly included).

It's available in three formats:

Free PDF from RPGNow
Softcover on Lulu
Hardcover on Lulu
(Lulu code FWD15 saves 15%)

It took years to come together and exhausted several editors, but it's finally here thanks to Richard LeBlanc. I'm extremely excited to have this book out there; it's a huge accomplishment for our community to have put together something like this.

The "Writer" credits are extensive and include a lot of excellent people. The meat of the book is not just the Petty Gods of the title, but their chapters full of Minions, Knights & Servitors (monsters), Cults & Cultists (natch), Divine Items and new Spells. There's also an article by M.A.R. Barker (letting each of us share an author credit with the late Barker), one on the Gods of Barsoom, one full of tables about the Jale God, silly ones like "Petty Foods of the Petty Gods" and "Petty Classifieds," and an Appendix N. Gods are indexed by name, writer and artist, and each entry includes full credits.

I'm proud to have taken a part in creating something that is really quite cool, and give tremendous thanks to the people who've contributed to and driven it, particularly the editors.


  1. Downloading the PDF now, Wayne!


  2. This is a pretty amazing thing you all have created. :-)


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