Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Returning to blogging

So to start: in the last year, my gaming time has been severely limited. Since the experiment of doing Dungeon Crawl #1 I have moved into a house and celebrated the birth of my daughter – so it's been a fairly busy time - unfortunately with little time for gaming. Since I'm working up to get a new campaign going, it's high time I start blogging again.

I'm working on a longer post about the state of the Old School Renaissance and why this blog's subtitle is now different. I don't want to get into that with the post where I talk about coming back. But broadly my goal is to continue to flesh out a historical-minded look at play styles and actual play, just as it's always been.

One thing I do want to say is that Dungeon Crawl #1 is now available for free download at the link below.

Dungeon Crawl #1

It will no longer be offered as a print-and-mail zine. It was a fun experiment but I don't think I can offer the content frequently enough to make it worth everyone's while. I hope folks enjoy the zine and get some mileage out of the material in it.

And that's that! I'm looking forward to getting back to this and sounding off - 2013 should be an interesting year.


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