Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fight On! #4 is released

Fight On! #4 is available in print. I bought it as soon as the proof was up on Lulu, and already have my copy. I've always been an early and frequent enthusiast of such works. Table of contents is here.

FO! 4 contains some of my own work, a table full of magical weapon drawbacks. Now, that's about half a page, and personally I think the other hundred twenty odd are worth full admission price without my little contribution. But it's always fun to see your name get in print. I really like what I've read so far (most of the charts, incl. the random facial hair generator, and Calithena's award-winning Arduin adventure). I love that every issue has tables and goodies that are easy to drop into a game as well as those more involved dungeons and areas that take a bit more doing. FO! 4 is also Arduin themed, although it really has a ton of different gonzo influences going for it.

On a sad note, as everyone's been pointing out, it's a year now since Gary Gygax died. Still, it's beautiful to see that his legacy is still alive. Fight on!

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