Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Intro & Statement of Purpose

This blog is one of a number that are covering the original 1974 edition of the Dungeons & Dragons game (OD&D). I am a member of the "old school" of gaming — not because of a simple conservatism or nostalgia (I was born in the same year as the Moldvay boxed set and the height of D&D as a fad) but because I am more inspired by the gaming philosophy of early D&D and the do-it-yourself community that is growing up around OD&D.

I named it after the name being given to my ongoing OD&D game by its players, "Semper Initiativus Unum," always initiative one. We roll a d6 for initiative, but the players seem to roll 1 with uncanny regularity. And I intend for this blog to be informed as much as possible by real play, which I think is the ultimate measure of game systems.

The other stream I want to include here is the history of the game as it existed in the early years. Chronologically, this spans the period roughly from 1974 to 1980. The period that followed was defined much less by amateur work and thought, although these remained important features of the gaming scene, and more by official publication. This gave way gradually over the course of multiple publications and a vast increase in size for the whole hobby. It's the do it yourself spirit of early D&D that I think deserves to be the cornerstone of the modern "old school renaissance."

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