I realized recently that this blog has never actually had an "About" page. So here is one.

This is a blog about original D&D, and similar games, that broadly people call "old school" D&D. A lot of it is commentary on ideas in the 1974 original D&D  (OD&D), the 1975 expansion Greyhawk, the 1977 Basic Set (Holmes), the 1981 Basic and Expert sets (Moldvay and Cook/Marsh) or occasionally on the first edition Advanced D&D (AD&D). I also talk about retro-clone games.

The most popular thing I did was the OD&D Setting. This was an exercise where I put together commentary on what the overworld in original D&D looked like based on the encounter charts and some of the rules. It's free, so check it out.

I've written extensively on megadungeon design, and on monsters. Outside of the OD&D setting stuff, there's also some material on higher planes that may be useful for gaming material. And there's a lot on my gaming philosophy.

I did a couple of issues of a magazine called Dungeon Crawl. Details about them are here. And I did a pay-what-you-want module called The Secret of Cykranosh, available here. I maintain a list of other people's OSR-related material on Lulu that you can find here.

I don't update that regularly, though I try to keep things going. Anyway, that's my blog, I hope you enjoy it.

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